German Shepherd – Facts & Myths

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds, best known for their loyalty, intelligence and strong structure.

German Shepherd dogs are perfect dogs for many reasons; They are the best family dog, police and military dog, watch and guard dog, and herding dog. Even though they are the most popular dogs, there are many myths about them. Let me share a few myths and facts about them.

Aggressive Dog

The biggest myth about German Shepherd is that they are aggressive. The fact about them is that they are friendly and intelligent dogs and good with even small kids in the family if trained and socialized well.

Large size

German Shepherds are medium to large sized dogs; The most common myth about size is that they have to be large.

Working line and show line

There are two types of German Shepherd, The show line and the working line. Show lines are bigger than working line and have angulated back. The working lines are smaller compared to the show lines and have little or no angulation.

German Shepherd and Alsatian

This is another common myth that the German Shepherds and Alsatians are two different breeds. In the United Kingdom, German Shepherds are called Alsatian to protect the dog from anti-German sentiments after World War I.

Big yard

To keep a German Shepherd, you need to have a big yard is another myth; The fact is, you can keep them in apartments as well if they are taken out for long walks at least twice a day.

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