History of Humans and Dogs

This is an amazing thing to know how humans and dogs became companions. Let’s understand the history of Humans and Dogs, how humans and dogs got connected and created an ultimate companionship.

As most of us know that dogs are the descendant of the wolves, as per some researchers, wolves started coming around the places where humans lived and they started on the leftover meat and bones by humans. While few researchers feel that humans domesticated wolves when they were puppies and trained them to hunt animals and also raise and alarm in case of any danger.

The history of humans, dogs, and wolves seems to be over 32,000 years. We also believe that both humans and wolves shared a few similarities that created a bond between them.

Wolves are animals that live in packs and they hunt together in packs; They have one alpha male and female who lead the pack. Wolves have emotional attachments towards other members of the pack.

Wolves got domesticated around 32,000 years ago; Our ancestors started using wolves for hunting and to raise an alert in a night in case of any threat by wild animals.

After being domesticated and bred by humans for hundreds of years, the physical structures of wolves started changing. 

They used to a howl which got converted into barks, even today there are few dog breeds like huskies and beagles who howl.

The historical journey of humans and dogs has created an ultimate bond between the species. In today’s time when dogs are no longer required for hunting, they are still one of the most popular domestic animals.

As we all know that dogs are loyal, intelligent and social animals which makes them an ideal pet.

Dogs still play an important role in our lives. There are many ways in which dogs still help us, let us understand the modern role of dogs.

Service dog
Service dogs are specially trained to help people with a disability, such as visual and hearing impairment, and mobility impairment, service dogs are trained to follow and help their owners wherever they go.

Therapy dogs
Therapy dogs are trained to support people who need love, affection, and comfort to people to live a stressful life.

Working dogs
Working dogs are strong and agile dogs are used by Police and Military.

Guard Dogs
Guard dogs are trained to protect their owners and property against any intruder.

Family Dogs
As we all know that dogs are social animals and they enjoy spending time with their humans and their family members.

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