Puffy an Ultimate Angel

I still remember when I saw him for the first time, my dad got him in a small wooden basket with red cushions. It looked like a stuff toy to me, when I went closer, that little white puffball was blinking eyes. I got super excited to have a little sibling since I’m the only child in the family. I was so happy to have him and my mom was angry and furious about having him at home. That night, my dad could not even sleep in the bedroom and got an ultimatum from my mom to leave puffy where he got him from. But my little puff ball was successful in making my mom fall in love with him in like two days, mom was feeding him with hands and allowed him to sleep in her room so he doesn’t feel lonely.
Puffy was so small that I used to fear to give him a walk on the leash, and if left without, should not fall in any pipe holes. I used to hide him in my shawl to protect him from big dogs. I played with him and tried all funny experiments on him by putting Tika and bindi on his forehead.

He was an American Spitz.He was such a friendly dog that he never barked on anybody. 8 months later, we realized that he was so friendly that doesn’t know the difference between family and strangers. Usually dogs bark, if you hush them on people but nothing worked with him. With time, we also gave up. But he learned that eventually and barked so loud if someone rang the doorbell, it started to get so difficult to stop him from being loud (breed effects) that we started telling people to simply knock gently than ringing the doorbell or call.
Soon I got married and moved out, and he was the king of the house,being one and only attention seeker at home. My parents got so much attached to him that everything used to revolve around him, since they also retired and it was just the three of them.

Being a daughter of an ex-Army officer, we always had dogs at home. When I was a kid, we had a Pointer , a Doberman. However, Puffy was one of my favorite dog as he was a gift to me by my dad.
This may sound funny, but he was truly a blessing to our family. You can call it superficial but yes for sure in puffy’s case I strongly believe that dogs take your house or family’s negativity or curse on themselves. In bits and pieces, I noticed throughout his life if any of our family members got sick they used to get all right in a short span of a time and puffy used to fall sick. We always felt that puffy takes all the negative powers on him so that everyone in the family are fine. My mom is an arthritis patient, if ever she got attack she used to be normal in a day or two but puffy used to be sick for days. This gave us a strong feeling that dogs not only protect us physically by attacking intruders, but they also take away our illness or any negative aura.
But the strongest curse that my boy took on himself or it was actually his time to leave all of us, i m not sure, but I strongly believe he gave his life to my dad. On 14th August 2017, my dad got a heart attack a severe one, and he was in ICU for 9 days straight, he had to get a pacemaker to save his life. After 15 days my dad returned home but before he could reach puffy was no more. The same day when my parents arrived, puffy had left us in the morning.
It was sad and heartbreaking but left us all with a feeling of a true angel who took every pain on himself just to keep us safe and healthy.
This is true and unconditional love. Dogs no matter which breed or a stray, if brought home and taken care of, give us so much in return. They are just pure souls and once gone, they missed for life. I love u Puffy my little angel and miss u so much. I know you are still shining like a star, where ever you are. 

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