Things to consider before getting a Dog

We all love puppies and dogs. Having a dog at home is one of the best things to have in life. We consider dogs as one of the most intelligent, loyal, and friendly animals. The companionship of dogs and humans is over thousands of years. Even today, dogs are the most popular pet. Many people want to own a dog; However, only a few can keep dogs for many reasons.

Let’s discuss few important things that you need to know before getting a dog.

Busy Schedule

Dogs come with great responsibility; An adult dog needs at least two to three walks per day and puppies need at least four walks each day. So if you are a working person and have a busy schedule, then there should be someone at home to walk the dog in your absence.

Monthly expense

Keeping a pet dog requires money for dog food, grooming, accessories and Vet bills. There are a variety of dog breeds who differ in size, shape, and coat. Monthly expenditure of each dog breed will vary from the other. If you are looking for a large dog breed, then you have to spend a good amount of money on the diet, if you like dogs with a heavy coat then grooming will be an additional cost.  

Choosing the right breed

There are over hundreds of dog breeds in the world, because of globalization many dog breeds are available in every part of the world. You should choose dog breed based on the climate of your region. Most breeds like Huskie and Saint Bernard are not suitable for hot regions. Try to choose the native breed of your country or you can get Labrador or a Canaan dog. Some dog breeds like Akita and German shepherds shed a lot of hair and dog breeds like Tibetan Terrier, Maltese, and Shih tzu shed less or minimal hair so choose your breed carefully if you don’t want to have a shedding dog. If you are an active person and would love to walk a few miles daily, then you can choose high energy dogs like German Shepherd and Dobermans. If you prefer spending more time indoors or if you are busy with your work throughout the day and have less time to walk your dog than you may choose dog breeds like Bull Mastiff, English Mastiff or Pug. Choosing the right breed is important if you want to have a strong and healthy dog.

Safety measures at home.

Puppies are super active and they can be super destructive. Puppies love to sniff and explore everything in their surroundings. Puppies chew and eat anything and everything that comes on their way. You need to puppy proof your house before you get your puppy. Check your house and yard carefully to avoid any unwanted injuries to your puppy. Be careful about your things like shoes, clothes, books and sofas as your puppy may bite and damage them even if left unattended for a few mins.

Talking to existing dog owners

If you know someone who has been keeping dogs for years, talk to them regularly before you get your dog. Get tips and tricks about the feeding habits and training. An existing dog owner in your neighborhood can be a good mentor for you. An existing dog owner will also be able to recommend a good vet in your location.

Dogs are a lifetime companion.

Getting a dog is a lifetime responsibility, right from puppy-hood to old age they need good care from their owners. In case if you plan to move to any other city or country, please take your dog along with you.

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