How to Potty Train your Dog

Potty Train Your Dog

How to Potty Train your Puppy

Puppies are always cute and loved by every dog lover; As a puppy owner, we all enjoy spending every moment with them. Keeping puppies and dogs need a strong commitment right from their diet, training, and good health. There are a lot of things that we should train puppies; Potty training is one of the most important and time-consuming things. Unlike other tricks like sit, come and stay potty training a puppy takes a good amount of time, which can be around three to six months or more.

Potty training a puppy needs commitment, patience, and consistency. We have come across many instances where first-time dog owners get frustrated in a few months, as they cannot train their puppy. 

Let me share some important and easy tricks that will help you train your puppy.

Fix Schedule 

We should feed young puppies at least four times a day with good quality food and decide a fix feeding schedule.

We should take puppies outside for a small walk after a few mins. Let the puppy sniff and explore the place where you the puppy to potty.

Avoid distraction

Puppies have a very curious nature and they get distracted easily; We need to avoid any kind of distraction while they are out for a potty. It can happen sometimes that even after walking your puppy out for a good amount of time, a puppy may come home and do potty instead of doing out.

Morning walk

Take your puppy for a small morning walk, as this the best time to teach the puppy.


As we discussed before, potty training your puppy will take patience. Compared to other training tricks, we consider potty training as one of the time-consuming processes that can take over three to six months.


Be consistent after every meal wait for at least ten minutes and take your puppy out for a potty. Your consistency will help the puppy understand that after every meal he is supposed to walk outside the house to do potty.

Dogs are creatures of habits

Dogs love to follow those habits they get used to, so taking them out for potty helps them to avoid any accidents indoors.

Do not punish your dogs for accidents

In the first few months, even with consistency and abundant precautions, there will be few instances of accidents inside the house. Do not punish your puppy., instead, try correcting them and clean the accident place.

Exposure to your house

You should make the puppy understand that your house is their house and they should not untidy the house by any accidents. Dogs and puppies like the place to be clean where they live, so make them understand that your house is their house. 

Interrupt the process

If you see your puppy trying to pee or potty inside the house, interrupt the process by making a gentle noise and lift your puppy to the place where you want them to get relived. 

Crate training

Crate training your puppy can make the potty training easy, as puppies dislike to dirty the place where they sit and sleep. Do not keep the puppies inside the crate for over 2 to 3 hours. 

Rewards and treats

Every time your puppy does potty outside the house, reward them with a treat and continue for the next few days.

By following the above tricks, it is easy to potty train your puppy in a few weeks’ time. Once your puppy is potty trained, you will have one less thing to worry and you can allow your puppy to access any part of your house.

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