How to Teach your Puppy Yes and No Commands

How to teach Yes and No commands to your puppy.

Training your puppy is simple, easy and fun even if you are a first-time owner you can easily train your pup. Before we start the simple and magical tricks lets understand what does it takes to train a pup. All you to need to have is time, patience and craziness and you are all set to train your pup with some treats and toys to reward for every right move.

When is the right time to train your puppy? Day one is the right time.
When you get a puppy home let the puppy explore everything at home, keep a close eye throughout the day, cuddle your puppy and spend a good time. Yes and No are the two powerful tools that you use can use to train your puppy, for the first few days you have to teach only Yes and No and that too only for a couple of minutes a day. Do not overdo as this may put stress on your puppy. Use the word Yes whenever your pup does something that you like, ie coming towards you, eating his meals, playing with his toys, Use the word No in an unwelcoming and soft tone ever time your pup does something that should not be done, ie licking the floor or biting shoes.

You will have to talk to your pup every day for a couple of minutes in the first week and increase it to 10 mins between 2nd to 4th week. Some dog breeds learn and understand commands in a shorter duration while some will take a long time. Your puppy will take time to understand what is excepted out of him, so you have to be patient while training.

To enjoy every moment with your puppy you need to be crazy for your puppy, spend more time with your puppy and talk to your puppy as much as you can. You have to bond well with your puppy, this will help your puppy to understand that you care for him and he, in turn, will always try to please you by obeying you.

These tips are easy and simple and can be used by anyone who has a young puppy at home.

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