How to Socialize your Dog

Socialised dogs

There are many definitions for socialization, the one which describes the word best is “it is the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to the society”. Socialization is an important part of every human and animal’s life. Since our pet dogs are very close to us and we share our house with them so it is really important to have our dogs socialized. There are many advantages of socializing our dog and the best thing about socialization is there are no disadvantages of a socialized dog.

Many new and existing dog owners intentionally or unintentionally miss out on socializing their dogs due to which later on they face many behaviour problems with their dog.

Let’s discuss a few common challenges dog owners face with an unsocialised dog.

  • Lack of confidence, fear full or confused while meeting new people, dogs or other animals. Unwanted barking, growling and aggression.

  •  Attacking people, dogs, and other animals.


  • Creating a nuisance while meeting new people or while traveling
    to a new place.

  • These types of dogs will only be comfortable with their owners and family members, in case of any emergency, they cannot adjust with Dog care and boarding centres.

Every day there are thousands of dogs who get abandoned by their owners because of some above issues. 

Now let’s discuss some key benefits of socializing your dog.

  • A socialized dog is a well-behaved dog. He doesn’t find other humans and animals as a threat.

  • Socialisation makes a dog more confident, as the dog does not see anyone in the sorrounding as threat to him.

  • Socialized dogs have an excellent temperament due to which they do not bark, growl or attack randomly at anyone.

  • If the owner and his family are traveling and if they are unable to take the dog with them, it becomes easy for a friend, a caretaker or a dog boarding centre to take care of the dog

How to socialize your puppy or dog?

Socializing your dog is easy and simple, however it is a time-consuming process which requires patience, commitment and confidence from the dog owners.

Below are a few simple and basic rules for socializing your dog.

Home: When you get a new puppy or a dog home, take time to socialize your puppy with your family members, on the first day a new puppy may act excited and may play with all the family members, or the pup may feel shy, scared or stressed give them time to explore your house. Allow your pup to have a positive experience with everyone at home, your pup should learn the first lesson of socialization at home. Everyone at home should spend a few mins every day with the new puppy, which will help the puppy feel that your home is a safe place and everyone at home loves and cares for him. Food,treats, and toys are the best things to win the confidence of the puppy and create a bond with them. Everyone at home should take out time to hand-feed the puppy, praise the puppy in a gentle and welcoming tone whenever the puppy does anything good.

Vets: During the initial few weeks you will visit your Vet on a few occasions for vaccinations and healthcare check-ups. Your puppy needs to feel safe and trust the environment at the vet’s place so that next time when you visit the vet, the pup should not be scared to sit on the Vet’s table. While visiting the vet, be careful if there are any other dogs who are barking or growling. Interacting with such types of dogs while visiting the vet can lead to negative experiences on your dog. Walk away from that place till the other dog is quiet or leaves that place. Be interactive with your puppy, pamper them while you talk to the vet. This will create a positive experience, and your dog will not be scared during vet visits.

Dog with the vet

Surrounding: For the first few weeks your Vet will not allow you to take your puppy outside the house until they complete few vaccinations.Once the vaccination process is completed you can start taking your puppy for walks. While taking your puppy for a walk, you can allow your puppy to meet other people, dogs, and animals if you trust them and find them safe. While allowing your puppy to meet other humans and other dogs, it is important thatyour puppy knows that you are the most important person for them and not the others. In the initial few days spend only a few mins when your puppy meets a new person or a new dog and then walk away with your pup, in this way your puppy will understand that he has to follow you and obey your instructions.

Never allow a person to interact with your pup if they Whistle or make a sound to call your puppy from long distance as this can distract your puppy on walks and they may start pulling and feel that it is ok to meet anyone who calls them. Your pup should be allowed to meet new people only if you find them safe and if they behave well with your pup. Do not force your pup to meet another human or dog if they are not comfortable with them. Though socialization is an important part of puppy training, it should never be forced to your pup all the time. As humans, we are socialized but we still do not hug and greet everyone who passes by. In the same way, try to make pup meet and greet other people and dogs if your pup and the other person and their dog is ok.


Dog park: A dog park is one of the best places to socialize, there are few rules to keep in mind while taking your puppy to the dog park.Talk to other dog owners and check with them how friendly their dogs are and are they ok if your puppy is introduced to their dog. While introducing your puppy to another dog, keep a close watch on how they behavewith each other. If in case you sense a fore coming trouble then just walk awaywith your puppy. Also, if you see your puppy misbehaving or showing any unwanted behaviour, then correct your puppy there and then in a firm tone. To make socializing easy, you can mark it with the word “friend” for people or dogs you want him to be comfortable with.

Socialization at dog park

Kids: – Socialising your dog with kidsis  also important, so that any kid who comes across your dog should have a positive experience. While introducing your pup to kids you have to be very careful about a lot of things like puppies love to jump with excitement, they like to chew anything, this behaviour of puppies may scare the kids. So right command is to be given to your puppy immediately for him to understand his mistake. Also, you must watch kids’ behaviour towards the dog, as they may hurt the dog by pulling ears or tails, or poke in the eyes. 

Different People: – allow your dog to meet everyone in your neighbourhood. Allow your dog to meet mailman, cops, mechanic’s, drivers and other people who are in different professions and who dress up differently or have a different uniform, so that your dog doesn’t find them unknown and take them as a threat. 

These are basics of socialization, which will help you and your family members to have a well-behaved and happy dog.  

Socialize your dog, make sure you have a loving dog who loves you, your family and your society. Make your dog brave, confident, happy and social.

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